All living things need the sun to survive, including people.  Without sunlight, we would soon perish from the Earth.  It lifts our spirits, energizes us and gives us great joy.  But in recent years, we have become so afraid of the adverse effects of the sun, it has taken the pleasure out of our exposure to the great outdoors. 

With all good things there is the risk of over indulgence, sun exposure is a good example. Over exposure can result in sunburns or even skin cancer.

Skin cancer occurrences are increasing even though we’re using sun protection products with higher SPF.  Why is this?  There are several theories regarding this growth.  One such theory is that because we are using sunscreens containing SPF of 35 or better we are spending longer periods of time in the sun.  Another speculation that is gaining in popularity is that the chemical additives used to increase the SPF factor in sun protection products can actually cause cancer.  Polymers, commonly used in the higher SPF sun care products, actually raise the temperature of the skin and may do more damage than good in the long term.

Did you know that many people have used Emu Oil prior to radiation treatments and report no burning of their skin?  Research on Emu Oil shows the SPF of Emu Oil is only about 8.  But there seems to be much more to the protective nature of Emu Oil that we don't fully understand. 

Patients allowed to use Emu Oil during radiation therapy have found that the pain is lessened and the skin healing accelerated.

If Emu Oil can prevent burning with the intense application of radiation, just think how well Emu Oil can protect you from moderate sun exposure without the use of chemical sun blocks that can damage our skin.

It makes good sense to use only natural sun protection such as the combination of pure refined Emu Oil and Purple Emu All Natural Protective Sun Creme. Take the worry out of sun protection with a product that is actually good for your skin. Apply the Protective Sun Creme to your face and use the pure refined Emu Oil on the rest of your body. 



An all natural formulation using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, for maximum protection while staying chemical free, should be used as your daily broad spectrum protection creme.  This gives you and your children the protection you need without the harsh chemicals. Protective Sun Creme is a unique formulation derived from all natural ingredients combined with the remarkable transdermal effects of Emu Oil.

Protective Sun Creme is an excellent sun protection for sensitive facial skin, children and babies alike. It is ideal for Rosacea sufferers or anyone unable to tolerate the burning associated with chemical sun lotions.  The tinted creme blends beautifully with most skin types and will give you a healthy look without the pale face associated with zinc oxide products. Only a small amount is needed to provide the necessary protection.

Emu Oil may be used on all other parts of the body that are exposed to the sun.  Emu Oil will protect you and nourish your skin all at the same time.  It is very good for repelling insects and if by chance you forget your sun protection, Emu Oil is excellent for treating burns.

Relax and enjoy your fun in the sun with confidence, using Protective Sun Creme and Emu Oil.

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